So how do we use the Wallwisher application with students?  I love the idea of a virtual  “question wall”. Wallwisher has oodles of uses in the classroom.

Here is a link to a helpful Edublogger post by Sue Waters on  Spicing Up Your Posts: Part II Wallwisher.  Scroll down to “Here’s examples how you can use with students” where you will find a how-to video, Tom  Barrett’s slide show- “Nineteen  Interesting Ways to Use Wallwisher in the Classroom” and links to a couple of great classroom blogs with more examples of Wallwisher.

Here is Tom’s Scribd slide show.

19 Interesting Ways to Use Wallwisher…

Wallwisher is simple to add to a post. Just follow the Edublogger directions.  Even so, I am passing a tip along.  Once published, it is a good idea not to go back and forth between VISUAL and HTML to re-edit as the link breaks.  Then the entire “wall” slips back into your email and needs to be re-embedded. Just leave it in HTML forever.

I am a consummate tinkerer and very “visual”; I determined the Wallwisher post on our blog needed several small tweaks in VISUAL after I published it.   On the positive side, each time  I re-edited the post in “VISUAL”, the wall “slipped” and provided me with yet another “opportunity” to practice re-embedding the Wallwisher.   We are all learners here.

Let me know if you would like some help placing Wallwisher on a post.  Just don’t let me tinker with your post after it is published:)


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Changing educational paradigms motivate me to share new technology as well as the admirable work of others who integrate contemporary research on how people learn with supportive, free digital applications and resources. Do teachers ever have enough time or money? Perhaps my discoveries will expedite the journey of a busy educator seeking a 21st Century 'true north' of his or her own.

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