Photographer: Joe Slobotnik Flickr

“Be vewy, vewy quiet.  I’m hunting wabbits!” –  Elmer J. Fudd.

In my hunt for widgets, I see Edublog has just posted links to top widgets for class or student blogs with directions explaining how to embed them in sidebars.

New science and math widgets are listed as well as a new time-line widget. There is also a voice “reader” for text.

Check out Top widgets for the sidebar of your class or student blog” by Ronnie Burt.  (read here)


About Donna

Changing educational paradigms motivate me to share new technology as well as the admirable work of others who integrate contemporary research on how people learn with supportive, free digital applications and resources. Do teachers ever have enough time or money? Perhaps my discoveries will expedite the journey of a busy educator seeking a 21st Century 'true north' of his or her own.

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