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I have dreamed of a tool to meet the needs of students, teachers, and parents that automatically places communication, assignments, calendars in one place. Students or parents simply click on a calendar “date due” or post …up pops a down loadable assignment document!

I have dreamed of student calendars and assignments for multiple classes located in one easily accessible place. “Let’s see…Math, Science, Language Arts, History, Spanish…all together!”

I have dreamed of automatic reminders going out to students once an assignment is posted. “I’ll hit “send” and Richelle gets her reminder on an iPhone app.; David’s assignments are sent to his iPod; Domi receives class info. via text messages, and Noam’s arrives to his email inbox. Oh yes, and the same assignment due date automatically shows up on their calendars with linked documents. …oh yes, parents are also able to see what every one of their children has for homework on one page, as well.”

I have dreamed of downloading my computer documents and videos to a single site from home for all my classes without first storing them on the school server or in different “clouds”. “Click! Yes!”

I have dreamed of online student assignments and quizzes to which I add comments and assign a grade; the grade then automatically tabulates in a grade book and is returned to the student. “What a time-saver!”

I have dreamed of being connected globally to a large educational community of teachers who share my interests as well as professional organizations catered to my needs.

I have dreamed of an easily accessible online “Library” of my materials organized into unit folders. “OK, it’s time to teach my literature unit, Tuck Everlasting. Let’s see – reading schedule, questions, short video, support materials, grading rubric, final project…yep, all in the folder.  “Click!…sent to my students.”

I have dreamed of not paying one cent for all of the above.

Edmodo, I have been dreaming of you.

Teachers and Students Using Social Sites Raises Concerns


About Donna

Changing educational paradigms motivate me to share new technology as well as the admirable work of others who integrate contemporary research on how people learn with supportive, free digital applications and resources. Do teachers ever have enough time or money? Perhaps my discoveries will expedite the journey of a busy educator seeking a 21st Century 'true north' of his or her own.

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