The PS22 Chorus rise to fame (the kids”rocked” the Hollywood Oscars last year singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow”) is a 21st century education story of collaboration, creativity, social networking, and community under the leadership of a passionate, talented teacher, Gregg Breinberg.  See for yourself in this March 2011, Red Carpet interview with “Mr. B”.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm,” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

That said… Mr. Emerson meet Gregg Breinberg, the Staten Island, 5th grade teacher who has achieved great things by enthusiastically promoting the arts via YouTube videos and a blog of his PS22 Chorus. In 2011, the 500+  videos of “Mr. B’s” PS22 Chorus  received over 38 million hits.  …”gone viral!!!”

This did not happen overnight. The chorus formed  in 2000; in 2006,  “Mr. B” proudly blogged  about his P22 Chorus after posting a few videos on a Tori Amos fan page.  Over the years, “Mr. B” continued to promote his kid’s best songs and the chorus began to receive media exposure and celebrity invitations to sing.  Perez Hilton, American blogger and television personality, helped move the PS22 Chorus to stardom by promoting them on his Hollywood celebrity blog.

Most amazing, by listening  to the videos of each new chorus from Sept. to June,  you will personally witness the skyrocketing musical talents of these 10 and 11 year-old public school students.  What’s not to love!  These kids are really good!

PS22 Blogspot

The PS22 Blogspot will help you fill in more of this incredible story of the PS22 Chorus from 2000 to present.   Just look at the awards!  Here also is Gregg’s You Tube Channel where you can see all of his videos.

Thomas’s 2010, Q & A with Gregg in the Open Education blog will give you more insight into Mr. B’s background, teaching responsibilities, and educational philosophy. Gregg Breinberg, The Teacher Behind the PS22 Internet Sensation.

2010 Daily News

PS22  Chorus singing Adele’s  “Rollin’ in the Deep” at Newport Folk Festival, summer 2011.

2009 PS22 Chorus singing the Fleetwood Mac song, “Landslide”.

2009 PS22 Chorus singing for Perez Hilton, “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga


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