“We sometimes feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.   But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”
Darren Kuropatwa

Canadian math teacher, presenter, blogger, educational leader, and collaborator has dramatically increased the volume of our “educational ocean” by generously sharing his thinking, materials, experience, and knowledge with the world. His Blogspot, A Difference, is a rich collection of teaching and learning resources based on 21st century educational pedagogy.  The depth and breadth of learning found in A Difference provides so much food for thought that this small post does not begin to communicate Darren’s impact on education or educators.  Reading his body of work is likened to taking several 21st Century Education university courses.  Pedagogy is at the heart of Darren’s teaching; it is the pedagogy of learning recently curated by Darren  in a Scoop it media page that I am sharing in this post.  Each article on LEARNING collected by Darren is a gem!

“How does new media facilitate and support deep learning? Resources gathered here have a distinct “research into practice” flavour. (I’m trying to take “curation” seriously; I add to this resource very slowly. ) ”-  Darren Kuropatwa



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