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“I don’t think there’s such a thing as composition in pop music.  I think what we do in pop music is collate. It’s like folk music.  It makes copyright a bit interesting and difficult.  I’m a good collator.” – Sting

“Time Magazine”, November 21, 2011

What is creativity?  What constitutes plagiarism? Kirby Ferguson, New York director, writer, and producer has created a series of short videos that bring to light copyright issues created by remixing old ideas in music, film and books.  The third video in the “Everything is Remix” series addresses “The Elements of Creativity”.

Ferguson uses the subject of the remix to discuss the history and nature of creativity.  “Everything is a Remix” deconstructs the idea of originality, exploring the creative but also technological and business memes that recombine from one generation to the next, making us feel that we are encountering something “new” along the way. ” Scott Macaulay

July 19, 2011, “25 New Faces of Independent Film”, FilmMaker  Magazine Blog

According to Ferguson in the same article , “The idea for the series started a few years ago, when there were [plagiarism] lawsuits against Coldplay, J.K. Rowling and Dan Brown.  I thought they were kind of far-fetched. Why does someone think that anything that resembles their work is an infringement? I thought [these lawsuits] were hypocritical, because you can go back and find [earlier works] that resemble theirs.”

In a changing world, new technologies and new issues  muddy the educational waters for teachers encouraging creativity and preparing students to uphold copyright laws.


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