Two character education programs frequently used in schools are The Leader in Me and Love and Logic. Concerning their use in Middle School, they are not mutually exclusive.  Please leave comments of your thoughts regarding the two programs.

The Leader in Me, Stephen Covey

Love and Logic, Jim Fay

The Leader in Me

The Leader in Me key skills

Five videos from The Leader in Me website showing how schools are teaching the 7 Habits principles.

The Leader in Me – videos

See more videos as elementary school principals, teachers and students comment to The Leader in Me process.

The Leader in Me

The Leader in Me Video Preview

Love and Logic

Love and Logic Essential Components

All of the Love and Logic programs are based on the following four principles, which are designed to enhance the relationship between the adult and the child:

  • Build the Self-Concept: Help children feel good about themselves.
  • Share the Control: Give children choices that do not cause problems for others.
  • Provide the Empathy: Provide a strong dose of empathy before delivering consequences.
  • Share the Thinking: Allow the child to think and solve their own problems.

Parents and teachers are taught new skills to deal with the children in a calmer way:

  • Adults set limits without anger, lectures, threats or repeated warnings and instead use enforceable statements.
  • When children cause problems, adults hand these problems back in loving ways by replacing anger and lectures with a strong dose of empathy.

Core programs for teachers and parents:

  • 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom
  • Becoming a Love and Logic Parent
  • Easy Childhood Parenting Made Fun

21 Love and Logic videos – Dr. Foster W Cline

Love and Logic video – Jim Fay


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